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In your virtual life, you can bring friends to meet up for 3D events, chats, and more!

With Kaneva, you can make your 3D avatar as unique and stylish as you are.

Decorate your free 3D home with your favorite photos and watch You Tube videos with friends on your TV. You know you'll look good in 3D, so what are you waiting for?

Using our free avatar creator, you can create your very own cool avatar.

Make your avatar as unique and stylish as you are, and shop for the latest 3D clothes and accessories in our free virtual world. Use our free virtual avatar maker to create yourself in 3D. Use our Free Virtual Avatar Maker to Create Yourself in.

Join the free 3D virtual world full of real friends and good times In our online virtual world, you can invent your 3D avatar that’s as unique and stylish as you are.Decorate your free 3D home with your favorite photos and patterns. Create a virtual life in Kaneva—where the 3D you is an extension of the real you.And with Kaneva’s 3D virtual world, you can enjoy your favorite videos, photos, and music on your 3D TV. Invite yours and meet up in our online virtual world for 3D events, chats, and more! More than a virtual life game, Kaneva’s a modern-day place where you, your media, and your friends come to life.Meet new people, chat, explore, and get the virtual life you’ve been dreaming of.Creating a virtual life in Kaneva opens the door to a world full of exciting people, places, and entertainment.

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Explore thousands of 3D hangouts and connect with people who share your interests.

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