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Let us know what you think of Moodle Mobile and what else you would like this app to do.Please check the list of Mobile bugs and feature requests and join the discussions in the Moodle for mobile forum. We have a new offering on the online Blake Nix Merch table.This one is a 'Blake and Lucy' momento from our shows this year and features original art by Lucy Thomas. I hope you guys who came out to the shows purchase one or two for yourselves and keep sharing the music with friends and family. In addition to the work I am doing on my next solo record, Lucy and I are working on some songs that we have written together. The weather has been weird, the letters are out saying we have a late start this year. But, spring is here and summer not far behind (I hope). Continue reading I am doing an experiment to see how long peas can go before they are no longer viable.

In doing so we dug down a few inches farther than normal -just a bit past a single spade’s …Continue reading We were the lucky recipients of a couple dozen raspberry plants last year.Some were the fall-bearing variety Tulameen, some were an unknown variety.Judging by the length of time they flowered and bore fruit (from June to September) I …Continue reading Hi, My name is Sheila and I work plots 19 and 60 with my husband and kids.

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I love the design, engineering and biology that go into growing a successful garden. Continue reading Seattle Tilth Edible Plant Sale coming up!! Continue reading Welcome to the Lake Hills Pea Patch Community blog!

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