Absolute vs relative age dating

To understand this dynamic further, we have to understand what kind of love we are looking for.

After all, we love cigars, cars, and video games differently than we love women, but some men don't realize that love can be broken down even further into three distinct categories that will determine the answer.At some point, most men ask the big question—How do I know if she’s the one?Since my first girlfriend at 17, I had been asking “is she the one? I even spent two years wondering if my wife was “the one.” This caused us both unnecessary suffering.I do meet some men who report knowing “she’s the one” within minutes of meeting her. I dated several women prior to meeting my wife, and many of them I thought might be the one, even though I had no interest in marriage at the time.During my time dating these women, I often would torment myself with this “is she the one? I would pick them apart, finding all of their faults. Looking back, there was nothing wrong with these women, however, I was a pretty defended, idealistic guy with a very naïve view of love.

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