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Try asking me how I'm doing or what I'm working on. " Keith Brisson, CEO and cofounder of, says conversations are hard to program because computers still have a difficult time processing natural language.

"Computers aren't going to be like people anytime soon," said Brisson.

He says his company can help businesses build "conversational apps" by using AI, similar to what are trying to do.

But I couldn't test because its product wasn't ready yet.

And even though Facebook says AI is a big part of what makes its bot platform powerful, I clearly didn't implement my bot to take advantage of the technology.

My lack of coding skills and unclear focus meant that my bot was flawed from the start -- especially from Facebook's perspective.

The company advises developers to design their bots with specific goals in mind: What actions should people take when using the bot?

For the past few days, I've been working with, a startup that helps businesses launch messaging services without needing a lot of technical knowledge.

I chose Facebook Messenger because that's what most of my friends use to chat.

I used Heroku (at's suggestion) to run my code. After working out a few kinks, I successfully deployed a chatbot on my Facebook page in about two hours. I just wanted a bot that could talk to my friends, but the bot I built couldn't say much.

But I ran into a problem as soon as I got my first message: The bot didn't really serve a specific purpose. The plug-and-play software came pre-programmed with a few keyword responses, such as "Awh, shucks! " if someone messaged me "I love you." I added more replies so the bot would sound like me and hold a basic conversation about the stories I enjoy covering.

For example, if someone told the bot they were my friend, it would trigger this response: "Hello, friend!

What's goin on." Despite creating over two dozen more responses, I couldn't customize my bot to run smoothly.

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