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Five shows in and your eye is starting to gravitate to Peter Gregory’s cute right-hand gal, Monica. Crew’s been in the acting game for a long time, making her film debut in 2006’s F-coms and dramas such The Break-Up Artist, Crazy Kind of Love, or Charlie St. When she’s in a scene, your heart starts to pulse just like it did during a scene with Sloane from for file compression domination — we can’t wait to see what happens to her. Cloud, but there’s a good chance that’s lost on you since you’re a Bro and those are chick movies. If you’re asking yourself where you’ve seen her before, perhaps it was 2008’s ! Seriously, from what I gleam off Tumblr, the entire movie just Amanda Crew just locking lips Efron? This is like porn for women who recently got out of a relationship and are coping with their feelings by eating a pint of Ben and Jerrys while watching Netflix in pajamas on their couch. But in the meantime, Bros, go follow her on Twitter and Instagram, Bros…. Let’s hope Pied Piper works all it’s shit out so that house full of brogramming geeks makes you rich from that salary cut. We’d love to have you write for Bro Bible, just like Chrissy Teigen did before she blew up.

The season one finale left us with the guys of Pied Piper making a last-minute, game-changing discovery that—despite the distractions of elaborate dick jokes, frequent panic attacks, and insane, hijacked-by-a-driverless-car-level shenanigans—might have finally propelled them to the big leagues.'s soul female cast member (a point that received a lot of criticism last season) to talk about hanging with the boys, getting a new female boss, and why she and her character, Monica, are attracted to "adorkable" guys.Well, this season actually there's some more women coming on the show.I have a new boss coming in and it's a woman, so they upped up the female ante, which is fun, but I love the boys.They are like the coolest and like the brothers I never had and [show creator Mike Judge and executive producer Alec Berg] are just so chill—it's just such a relaxed set.So until people started pointing it out, I wasn't really even that aware of it.

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