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Some fighting messages reportedly have been seen on the website; we didn't observe any during the review of the app.Users can report other users for rules violations by clicking on their avatars and tapping "report" under their profiles.

During the course of this review, not a lot of substantive chat conversations between kids were observed (most were about selling and buying stuff or were invites to "singles" parties).

Also, slow loading times made moving from place to place very difficult.

(At the time of this review, the developer had included a note on the App Store that it is aware of this problem and was working to fix it.) Posting messages through the app's chat feature also was​ glitchy.

Although 's overall safety standards and community rules for kids are admirable, and the virtual world has many places to visit, some parents of tweens may find the consumerism and party push too much for younger kids new to virtual worlds.

The age displayed for each title is the minimum one for which it's developmentally appropriate.

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