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My grandfather once told me Richard Belzer was a funny guy, but then again grandpa wore diapers and claimed Amelia Earhart worked at the local Walgreens, so maybe he was just confused.Belzer does however win the award for best character name for any of the 43 versions of Law & Order with his portrayal of Detective John Munch in Law & Order: SVU.I'm guessing most people with taste have no idea who Belzer is although many probably confuse him for Mr. I think so, but then again I have noticed Jett has started bleaching her hair, so perhaps she has drifted away from her punk roots (pardon the pun) just a tad.

Since Judge Judy is far too annoying to be included in my list, and because the Supreme Court Justices are the farthest thing from entertaining Ito it is.Frankly, nobody really knows what Ito wears under his robe, but then again nobody wants to.Although Ito bears an uncanny resemblance to Oddjob from the James Bond film The guy's last name is black and he has black hair so it probably isnt a stretch for him to always be seen with a black cowboy hat and black wrangler jeans.I am convinced had his last name been Fuchsia, there is a good chance RCA Records wouldnt have been so eager to sign him to a record deal, but opinions vary.The real dilemma here is how he could marry Lisa Hartman...

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a blond woman with skin so bright she makes the Olsen twins look tropical by comparison.

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