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The aforesaid marriage would be invalid, if the wife was virgin.Based on precaution, it would be invalid even if she was independent in her livelihood.Of course, the marriage would be valid if her father refuses absolutely to interfere in her marriage.Q6) When marriage was held the girl was in Hayz, was the marriage valid? A6) The marriage contract is correct and the divorce is incorrect (invalid).And when she get Talaq-e-Khul` she was also in menses, are these things done according to sharia'? If divorce had taken place before having sex, it is valid.

In my house live with me my father, mother, grand father, my younger brother and my uncle. And if she is independent, she should obtain her guardian’s permission as a measure of obligatory precaution.

Q16) Are there any rights given to a woman to chose the life partner of her own choice?

Especially after she ahs been rejected by her fiancée. We would like to know if there is anything in the Shia faith that prevents such a marriage. Plus is it ok if a Sunni Sheikh performs the wedding contract?? A17) Q18) Some Mujtahids say that it is allowed to marry permanent or temporary a woman whose father isn’t a Muslim without consent of her father.

Can she be pressurized to marry the same person just because he is her cousin? A Sunni gentleman has asked for my sister’s hand in marriage. Is it allowed to act according to these fatwas in cases where the woman is independent?

A18) Q21) I want to enquire “what rights are given to a woman to have a husband of her own choice?

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” Actually, I have been engaged to the first cousin of mine, he rejected me for another girl.

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