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Yes, it might be fun for a Dominant to watch you grovel doing something you hate (like clipping their toenails), but is that task going to help you improve in a specific way?

In order to properly execute daily tasks and assignments in a relationship you first have to trust your partner to follow the set rules and be responsible to follow through.For those in a LDR you may have to rely completely on their word of completion, but there are some ways for LDRs to complete tasks in a way that both parties are involved (we’ll go into more detail about LDR tasks in another article soon).Be sure to go over the rules and tasks with your partner and make any changes right away so that both of you are comfortable with the amount of daily tasks and the consequences for not completing them.If you are ever uncomfortable with a punishment, be sure to bring that up during negotiations and not when you’re in the middle of the punishment.Keep in mind how often you want to test your limits and what you are physically and mentally capable of.

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