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Cole Camp is a small city in Benton County, Missouri, United States. The town is known for the annual street fair in September.It also hosts a Maifest in May, an Oktoberfest in October and a Christbaumfest in late November that all highlight the town's German heritage.Cole Camp was the site of a skirmish early in the American Civil War, when the local pro-Union Home Guard company was attacked by a Missouri State Guard force on June 19, 1861.At this battle of Cole Camp, the Home Guard were defeated with a loss of 35 men killed or wounded. With faster loading, sleeker and easier to read maps, along with less intrusive advertising, we know you'll love it. We're constantly making updates to improve the experience.AOL and our partners use cookies for a variety of purposes, including collecting information about site usage, content management, providing customized content and ads, and traffic measurement and analysis.The Battle of Cole Camp was a skirmish of the American Civil War, occurring on June 19, 1861, in Benton County, Missouri.The rebel victory assured an open line of march for the fleeing governor and Missouri State Guard away from Lyon's force in Boonville.On June 15, 1861, Union Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon took control of the Missouri capitol in Jefferson City.

The majority of the inhabitants of Benton County were of Southern origin and sentiment; however, the German immigrants and their descendants were predominantly pro-Union and anti-slavery. Cook began to form the regiment in early June and called for the volunteers to assemble northeast of Cole Camp on June 11.

These formed the core of the Benton County Home Guard. A secessionist force was gathering nearby at Warsaw. O'Kane organized the Warsaw "Grays" and Captain Thomas W.

Murray organized the "Blues." The combined force numbered about 350, with 100 of them mounted.

The secessionists were aided by Benton County's Sheriff, Bartholomew W. Keown attempted to arrest captains Cook and Mitchell at the Union Home Guard camp, but they refused to comply.

The "arrest" apparently was a pretense for gathering intelligence. While up to 900 men had initially gathered, as many as half were furloughed for lack of weapons or for other reasons.

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