Colombian girls dating advice

You have to learn to not look so much at the outer beauty the first few weeks and let that clutter your senses. Don’t worry the good ones are beautiful, sexy, affectionate also.

The physical beauty part is the easiest part of your journey.

Think about it, you get married and bring your new wife to the states and all of a sudden your expenses have quadrupled. simple, because she is not a simple girl, she is exploiting the fact that you have money saved and very materialistic.

Manipulating all that savings right out of your account.

A situation like this is easily spotted within the first few days of dating and can save you thousands of dollars and a whole lot of heart ache. A good friend of mine had asked me for help around 6 years ago, he went to an agency in Medellin and his first date was with several girls at a dinner. so that they can send money to the family in Colombia, when I say send money, I mean they actually want to support the entire family from the U. Do you really want to support you and her and her family?

This is extremely common with Russian brides, in fact statistics show that only around 7% of the Russian, Ukranian marriages work shortly after arriving to the U. He told me, one was super hot and 2 of them he didn’t like so much, and the second wasn’t as attractive as the first but still very attractive and she was really nice, quiet, well mannered, happy. So in essence, she would get a job and not contribute to your new family and just send that money back to Colombia.

To make a long story short, he ended up dating her on 2 week long trips, then he asked me to help him with the fiance visa. He is now in another state, so every now and then I call him, he says it’s the best decision he ever made. Maybe a technical school for a couple of years to work in lets say x-rays, nursing or teaching. Sometimes, they say they are sending to family, but really the family is building her Colombian bank account instead.

This can happen, not as easily as you think but it can happen and does happen on a daily basis.

You have to learn to ask the right questions, while dating.

You have to learn to observe the behavior when you go home for a few months prior to seeing them again and possibly getting engaged.

Unfortunately, many North Americans go and marry the first beautiful girl they go out with and get burned badly, simply based on the fact that she was hot and seemed to treat them better then any passed girlfriend has ever treated them.

They didn’t observe correctly, they only heard the typical manipulative talk that seemed so sweet to their ears.

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