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Gill writes: But what especially vexes me is this double standard of women criticising and making fun of short men, then expecting them to tolerate all different types of weight (which isn’t even a fixed state).

For a man to openly reject a woman because he found her fat would be social suicide.

Yet for women to complain about a man’s height is fine, apparently. (And they call us the fairer sex…) It’s not really ok, though, is it?

Any more than telling your friends you dismissed someone because they had black hair, or small tits, or anything else that is, undeniably, genetics. OK to reject people for dumb reasons, or, at least, it’s better to do that than to lie to yourself and that other person about what you want.

To begin with: who has the right to tell anyone what their personal criteria for dating can or should be?

Moreover, I think that A) men openly reject women for being fat all the time by never dating them in the first place, and B) women are, yes, just as picky, but it’s fine.

When it comes to dating, nearly everyone is some form of Garbage Pail Kid somewhere in there.

to be slightly taller than women (average heights in America differ by 5 1/2 inches).

In the dating process, men and women both perpetuate this notion by eliminating people who won’t help them achieve the status quo visual. a woman has written an essay saying that women who won’t date shorter men are as bad as men who won’t date fat women—maybe even worse, because you can at least change your weight but not your height.

Charlotte Gill argues that she feels sorry for short men and wants to make a stand for them.

It has somehow become perfectly OK, she argues, for women to disparage the short man in public and rule them out on height alone as a romantic prospect.

As a result, shorter men are discriminated against on the dating market.

They have more trouble getting dates online than taller men, who have been shown in studies to receive more messages.

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Gill’s ultimate point is that these women are shallow, which is ironic to her because, as she sees it, women sure do expect men to forgive their many violations of the aesthetic social code.

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