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An institute in Germany has unearthed a Nazi bible ordered by Adolf Hitler to replace the old and new testaments expunged of all references to Jews.Hitler's race theorists even rewrote the 10 commandments and added two more for good measure in the book called ’German with God’ which was – alongside Hitler’ s autobiography – meant to be required reading in every home in his Third Reich.Thou shalt not kill, coveting one's neighbour's wife, thou shalt not steal and all other others were scrapped by a regime that stole, murdered and plundered its way across the world. " More important for Hitler, however, was the eradication of Jewish words, including Hallelulja, Jehova and even Jerusalem – it was instead termed the ’ the eternal city of God.’ "The book will have to serve the fight against the immortal Jewish enemy!

The Nazi 12 run: "Honour God and believe in him wholeheartedly. At its height, a team of 50 worked on re-writing hymn books and the Bible.

But it was all a charade as far as Hitler and his S. Both dreamed of being overlords of an essentially pagan society where the only virtues to be praised were iron hardness and a capability to obey any order, no matter what.

"Human kindess and the moral compass as set by the Bible were laughable to them," said Ulrich Messner, a Nazi expert.

The King James Bible is a little under 800 pages in paperback form.

The Nazi 'Bible' was 750 pages, after the references to Jews had been banished and Nazi "improvements" added.

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