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After a week of talking he asked me to double date with his friends and so I did.And for Valentine's day he asked me to be his valentine and it was great. Last week we bought a fish together to add to his tank and I thought that was cute.He says he likes me a lot and I feel the same way but he still has not asked for commitment.Should I ask where this is going or just let it happen?Some clarification may be needed: hasn't he asked you out?He can't possibly have "asked you to double date" and "still doesn't ask you out".

Playing an active role in your own life is always better than playing a passive role in almost every single situation, except when the Macarena starts playing on the radio.Just keep in mind that he's a free agent and you - you can only make yourself so wonderful a mate men have no choice but to fall under your spell, but that takes time, and an awful lot of work.That said, relationships have started under stranger circumstances.I once read about a woman who listed down all the reasons she's better than this guy's current girlfriend, logical ones too. He dumped the latter and a (weaselly) romance started.

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We went out very casually, on and off, with sometimes several weeks between dates for several months, but since December 1 we've decided to really give it a go at dating, and it couldn't be going better.

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