Dating show hosted by chuck

The live stage show gives audiences chances to win prizes, including the quarter-million dollar jackpot, by playing a conglomeration of favorite game shows from the past.

Once upon a time, before hapless couples tortured each other by frolicking with beautiful “singles,” before a naked, ruthless corporate trainer won a million bucks for outscheming 15 opponents in the South China Sea, before “The Mole” and “Big Brother” and “Who Wants to Be,” or “Marry,” or barbecue, or whatever, “a Millionaire,” before Oprah and Jerry and Maury and Ricki, even before we found out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real, there was “The Dating Game.” Quaint and gentle by today’s standards, with its Herb Alpert theme music, giant daisy set decorations and double-entendre-laden interplay between bachelors and “bachelorettes,” “The Dating Game” went on the air in December 1965 and was the first success of a producer named Chuck Barris, who had an idea whose simplicity belies its genius: People will do anything to get on TV, and other people will watch them.

It wasn't his music, however, that made him stand out.

Rather, his way of addressing viewers and engaging them in the show held his true potential.

In 1975, Merv Griffin recruited Woolery to host his new game show , and had parts in a few Hollywood movies.

Other Work: Chuck Woolery runs his own company selling bass fishing equipment and supplies.

His best-known item is the Moto Lure, which he sells online and through QVC along with a collection of sports and outdoor gear.

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