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Desmond Harrington, an American actor known for movies such as The Hole, Wrong Turn and Ghost Ship has had a pretty pitiful love life in the past couple of years.Ever since his split with Amanda Seyfried in 2013, he has not been back into the dating game.But it seems like this is the year for him and he wants to start an dating someone special.Harrington has an already impressive list of girlfriends and we’re eager to see who joins next.The 38 year old star is known to be very sensitive, cautious, and shy about showing his feelings to others even though he can also get rambunctious and a little rowdy at times.According to a few love experts we talked to, Harrington desires a deep, intense and passionate union with his beloved in a love relationship, and wants to forms a very strong emotional bond with his partner.So, if a woman has the traits that he needs, both of them should get together pretty soon.Taking a look at his past relationships, Amanda Seyfried is his most recent girlfriend.

The couple had first been spotted together taking a stroll with their dogs on the streets of New York.

From then on speculations regarding their relationship began to pop up.

And after Desmond was spotted at the LA home of girlfriend Amanda Seyfried, their relationship was confirmed.

In an interview with In Style magazine, Amanda said, “I'm just more attracted to actors.

I like their choice to be artists — that's ballsy.

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