Does double your dating actually work

Plus, we sorted through countless user comments and reviews.

We put the spotlight on ingredients, side effects, customer service and scientific research.

Finally, we summarized and condensed to give you the info you need. Bernstein Diet is a weight-loss method focusing on reducing calorie intake, eliminating sugars and simple carbohydrates; while adding vitamins and minerals to your diet.

The customer plan supposedly helps you lose weight and maintain overall health and wellness. Bernstein Diet has been around for about 40 years and uses common foods, instead of prepackaged items.

You can receive free information on the official website or visit the clinic. According to our Research Editor, “The average cost is about 0 per month, which is ,200 a year.

We like that it incorporates natural foods and that we located some positive customer comments, but read on… This is not affordable for many people trying to lose weight.” One customer stated, “The cost is about 0 each month.” Another dieter commented, “It’s about 0 per week with an additional start up fee.

There are some complaints regarding the customer service at the Dr. One dieter said, “I refuse to give Bernstein’s my money yet again when they have poor customer service.” “I have some problems with the customer service. The support received by some dieters was a benefit of the program.One said, “Everyone is vastly supportive the moment you step through the doors, they are quick to answer questions, huge on the support and when you have an off day or gain a little – there is no beratement, they just asked ‘what happened’.” Our research has proven that if there is a certain facet of a diet program that is especially concerning, like poor customer service, the odds of long-term success is slim. Bernstein Diet doesn’t offer support, this could be a big problem. Bernstein Diet is a medically-supervised program, it is supported by some studies and professional knowledge.Needless to say, drastically reducing your daily caloric intake could lead to weight-loss, but there’s no research to support those claims.At Diet Spotlight, we do prefer to see some real science prior to making suggestions.If there are no studies, we tend to walk away Are you signing up for the Dr. Well, we like the custom plans and that we found some favorable customer comments, but we have concerns about this one because there’ no solid science backing the weight-loss claims.

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