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Türk Mühendis ve Mimar Odaları Birliği'ne (TMMOB) bağlı 23 odanın toplam üye sayısı, 31 Aralık 2009 itibarıyla, 354 bin 182'ye yükselmiş.Bu sayı, 31 Aralık 2008'de, 342 bin 996'ydı (Kaynak).Ancak, mühendis odalarına kayıtlı üyelerin sayısı, Türkiye'deki mühendislerin ve mimarların toplam sayısından düşük.

Adam Richman came by for a new show called “Man Finds Food”. Guy: Sir, what I’m telling you is very real and official government business. what the hell, I can pretend that I’m an intellectual again~!

(The show was going to be called “Secret Eats with Adam Richman”.) Anyways, about a week before it was set to air on TV… You will just have your power disconnected and once your account is current, we will come turn it back on. =P I just realized that most of my posts were just about my lame dating life…

I can’t find the listing for the show on the schedule! Me: (looking around seeing where the voice was coming from) Mom: (looking relieved when she saw someone to distract the girl.) Say “hi” to the nice man. now that a lot of restaurant drama is finished, I will post more about actual restaurant stuff that happened and things that will help people who are running restaurant, small businesses, or just thinking about doing it. hahaha~ As an employer, it is important that employees apologize when they make a mistake.

I look a couple days later on tv again, I look online, but nothing! Adam said something mean to an internet hater so Travel Channel gets spooked and pulled the show. =* At least I don’t need to worry about seeing myself on tv. Let me know what you guys want, feel free to email me at [email protected] just stop by the restaurant and chat me up. I’m not talking about apologizing to guests (although it is good practice to do even when they are not completely at fault).

(I was sick for 2 weeks before taping.) Besides, my crazy fantasy where a super cute girl falls in love with me after watching me on tv and comes and asks to become my girlfriend was probably delusional. Employees need to apologize for mistakes they do on the job.

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=P When I was in line at the DWP office, there was this little girl with her mom. The reason it is important is not to belittle the employee or make you (the employer) feel good – it’s important for the employee admit fault and accept responsibility.

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