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Curious about this unfamiliar day, I did some research and discovered on this day we honor hairstylists everywhere who make artful hairstyles possible.

A Talented hair stylist will not only make you look good but also make you feel good as well.

I was unable to locate the creator (No it wasn’t Paul Mitchell or Vidal Sassoon) of National Hairstylist Appreciation Day but saw this as a unique opportunity to feature a book from our Rare Books and Manuscript collection.

Hairdressing is one of the oldest professions dating back thousands of year.

Greek writers Aristophanes and Homer both mention hairdressing in their writings.

Some may say this is when the trade of “barbering” was born.

In the centuries to follow, hairstyling evolved slightly.

As the ability to manufacture tools and machines grew during the Industrial Revolution, the actual art of coiffing the hair with irons and clippers became possible.

Ladies could go into the salon, or have their hairdresser come to their home before a soiree.

The first appearance of the word “hairdresser” came in 17The late Queen first debuted the popular creation in June 1775, at the coronation of her husband Louis XVI.

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