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Far Away: Take a photo of something far away, as in distance or time-wise. In my mailbox/postbox: Take a photo of something out of your mailbox, or inside your mailbox. Every day: Take a photo of something from your every day, or something that happens every day. Natural: Take a photo of something natural {in colour or else}. Together: Snap a photo of something together, or something that belongs together. Table: Take a photo of a table, or something on a table. Favourite: Take a photo of something that you adore! First thing you see: What’s the first thing you see when you wake? Strange: Shoot something strange/unsual in your day. In my fridge: Give us a glimpse into the state of your fridge. Price: Snap a price, on an ad, a tag or somewhere else.

For instance for the 1st of September you’ll take a photo of you now. Save the list to your phone, or your computer, or save it to a Facebook album, your blog or Instagram. Then when September rolls around starting taking a photo each day. If sharing to Instagram or Twitter, add the hashtag #FMSphotoaday. One of the best bits of photo a day is checking out everyone else’s photos. You can find them on Instagram or Twitter by searching the hashtag #FMSphotoaday.

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