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Explore the city with your man or bring along the whole family!(For added educational appeal, give each of the kids their own printable and encourage them to come up with sensory activities and write their own descriptive words!) No matter how you choose, I wish you lots of fun, great finds, and as always, love that tantalizes all your senses as you explore your own corner of the globe…My mission is happy endings and that’s why I’ve fixed it so that if you don’t find that special person within your 6 month subscription period Grown Up Dating will give you an extra 6 months full membership with all the extra powerful matching features of FULL membership.But I do expect you to do your bit by being active on the site by following our Make Love Blossom Guarantee Programme rules.Here is what you will undertake if you wish to take advantage of this guarantee: Make Love Blossom Guaranteee – Terms and Conditions This website or service is provided as is and may contain links or information to or from other members or third parties.Any use of this website or service is at your own risk and constitutes acceptance of our privacy policy, copyright policy and terms and conditions.

All you need to start is the adorable printable, perhaps an “attractions list” for your hometown, and of course… For each section, add a word to describe what your senses will experience.

You can either do this before or after – in other words, write a descriptive word before the activity as your best guess of how it will or after as a way of expounding on how much you liked or didn’t like it!

Then write the location and type of activity in the blank provided.

Afterwards, each of you will indicate your own response (your “Overall Score,” if you will) to the activity by circling either the thumbs up, down, or both if you are completely undecided or torn!

And now, not only have you chronicled a fun outing on paper, you also have a handy reference sheet for future “Oh, I don’t know, what do you want to do? Now as I’m sure you can imagine, this is a super versatile date!

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