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Just when we thought Kylie Jenner’s Snap Chats couldn’t get any more ridiculous she goes and posts something that’s managed to shock even us.

The 18-year-old filmed herself biting, yes biting, her 25-year-old boyfriend Tyga ’s mouth.

The whole clip is rather bizarre, particularly because the heavily made up teen is looking directly at the camera while doing it.

The newly- blonde reality star was in New York for fashion week and was seen at Alexander Wang show earlier in the day alongside Tyga. But she had suggested she was going on a girls’ night out as she shared a picture with some female friends, writing: “@alexanderwangny show was DOPE.

Time for a much needed girls night.” Judging by her videos later that night though Tyga – who has been pretty much inseparable from her recently – joined them to party.

During the track, Kanye says: "Taylor and I may still have sex," which Piers relayed to the public, much to the dismay of the mother-of-three.

Richard Arnold swiftly chipped in to defend Susanna: "We prefer snap, crackle and pop at this time in the morning."Bewildered by their remarks, Piers hit back: "Are there any words that we can use at this time in the morning?

"Thankfully, he soon rephrased his comment and explained: "So they were going to have a little chat about the birds and the bees.""It's not the adults who will be offended, it's the children," Susanna sighed.

During yesterday's edition of GMB, Piers lashed out at Taylor over a video shared by Kim Kardashian, which he claimed exposed the singer “for telling porky pies”. It’s that moment when you get exposed for telling porky pies Ms.

After Taylor stressed that she never gave Kanye permission to use her name in the single, Kim released a video recording of a phone call which seemingly contradicts the singer, and has now dominated the headlines.“Can we call her Pinocchio Swift? Swift.”His tirade against the star continued: “Well, I wanted to believe in you Taylor Swift.

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