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Actress Shay Mitchell is glad she no longer has to wait tables to get by. ” Read more: We’re obsessed with Shay Mitchell’s style Shay’s romantic life is pretty much under the radar since she split from Drake’s cousin and assistant Ryan Silverstein in 2014. Last year she told Seventeen magazine, “I don’t need anybody to feel complete.

The Pretty Little Liars star was a late-night club worker when she was starting out, and she hated having to deal with dirty old men. Read more: Shay Mitchell: I embrace kissing women “What I wanted to say was, ‘(I work) so I will never end up with someone like you’.” Mitchell also tells the publication she’s still not sure if she’s straight or bisexual, adding, “When I started (out), people were like, ‘What are you?

Shay reveals some of her regulars would constantly encourage her to quit work and live with them. ’ I’m like, ‘Right now I’m dating a guy (but) I don’t know what it’s going to be in three years’. Black, white, polka-dot, that’s what my dad always said.

“I have so much respect for waiters, waitresses, girls who work in clubs,” she tells Cosmopolitan magazine. I’d have old guys saying, ‘You’re so pretty, why are you working?

you know the ones, the ones old enough to be your father, or even worse, your grandfather!

There are many public figures who fit into this mold …

some that come to mind are Hugh Hefner, Dominique Strauss-Khan and of course Silvio Berlusconi.

Just put their names in any search engine and you will find stories of their escapades.

I’ve had my fair share of dirty old men giving me the eye or licking their lips, calling be beautiful or even trying to ask me out.

I don’t care if they are millionaires, I don’t even care if they are attractive …

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