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These are just a few examples of why a person may not be married by age 40. When you meet an unmarried single over 40, don’t assume the worst. I will soon reach 40, and it really bothers me that I still haven’t found anyone.

Years ago I was engaged, but only because he pestered me and I didn’t have any other others.

I gave it four years and really tried to make it work, but deep inside I had no feelings for him.

Ever since we’ve broken up however, I’ve been single…for nearly 15 years.

Meanwhile, my three siblings are all in relationships, and one is married.

All the people I grew up with now have families of their own. Last year, I spent money I barely had on a dating agency, but the only people they hooked me up with were 55-year-olds from places like Scotland or Harrogate, and as I plan to go for a PGCE this year I simply can’t afford to travel that far, and anyway they can’t tell me there are no men in Greater London.

I went to a few of their mixers, but it was a disaster – if I waited for them to approach me they thought I wasn’t interested, and if I so much as asked for their phone number they’d call me forward.

Every generation has an age where, consciously or otherwise, we expect to be married by. Whenever you discuss “means” or “averages,” that’s a number to represent a much broader distribution. Most of us don’t live near our parents, who can help take care of children, so sometimes it’s easier to just put off marriage/family. Some people take longer to develop the desire for marriage, or the maturity necessary to take that step.

These expectations are based on what society is doing – the earlier the average person marries, the earlier we’re expected to marry. Yes: if someone is over 40 and never been married, they are outside the norm. Some people choose to focus heavily on their careers in their youth.However, this distribution is (somewhat) bell-shaped, in that the bulk of the population doesn’t deviate too far from the average. Marriage is a big step, and sometimes it’s easier to postpone it until you’ve done all the “single” things you want to do. Some people want marriage at a younger age, but simply lack the social skills necessary to meet the right person. Some people value long term commitment, but don’t want or need the legal part of marriage. There are plenty of people who want marriage or its equivalent, but have deep-seated fears about actually doing it. Here are several you may not have considered: Career. There are many reasons a person may delay marrying.So it takes longer for such folks to meet their other half. They get involved in relationships, then drag their feet when it comes to pulling the trigger, terrified they’re going to lose their freedom or marry the wrong person.

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