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Every girl I spoke to there on skype with cam and speakers was average looking.

5) About 1 our of 100 scammers there use cam and speakers on skype.

You can notice they are scammers by these things; Either they have no microphone but a video only, - their behavior and the way they are dressed (the non-scammers do make themselves look nice, maybe where a scarf, when they are talking to you the first time.

Appearance is extremely important for Russian girls even on cam..scammers are a bit sloppy and trashy ie they seem less educated which is easy to tell - anbother example is the scammers will eat while talking to you, real russian girls would not dare do this on cam the first time they talk to you), - anyone who messages and says they do not have skype or a microphone or cam is a scammer, - any girl not from Ukraine or Russia on this website is a scammer. - Lastly, before joining this website go to a language exchange website like interpals, talk to some people from there on cam and speakers so you see how real russian girls behave on cam and how they sound.

Only then can you quickly tell when you actually talk or see a scammer fromj fdating (P. Interpals sucks, and is only for friendship, but get familair with russian girls before you get scammed).

All in all this is a decent website considering it is free, and your expectations have to be low ie you won´t meet models and chances are very high that you can only talk to 2-3 girls every month on cam on skype, and they will not be wanting to leave russia.

As far as the above comments, anyone who leaves this website a high mark, or anyone whos ays they met girls from this website, are being paid by the website to write those reviews.

I can't get hold with the representative of the site because they don't answer. Actually I met two or three real girls there, I tell you they were real because I dated some of them and one was my former girlfriend, who I visited in Russia.

" I don't understand what's going on with their site but went on for months!!! It doesn't matter how small of a team you are! I hope they get new management for the site and fix the problems asap! It used to be a good website to meet women from East Europe.

I know the site is free but they should know how to manage their site properly. And all my friends who are just getting money from internation men use another sites. Only women, who are looking for serious relations register at it.

I am young enough, I knew this site from the friend of my mother and she recomended it as a site, where serious men are looking for serious relations (by the way, this lady came from London and is an example of honest and sincere woman).

I want to tell you how do I see the situation about this site from my point of view.

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