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As a Black woman it’s easy to feel undesired by men of all races.

We’re told by the media, and sometimes to our faces, that we’re less beautiful, more brash, and too independent to be considered marriage material. M, our lone Black woman, doesn’t think most Korean men see Black women as marriage material, and instead see them as exotic notches to add to their belt.

The beauty part is the most ironic to me, considering that our features and cultural style choices are often celebrated on Non-Black women (full lips, wide hips, braids, etc). “I run into a lot of guys who think its exotic”, she said, “and just want to know what the sex is like.” And surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, W. He said, “in general Korean guys don’t like Black women because they’re afraid, but they’re curious about sleeping with them.” Although D.

Specifically on this blog, a contributor, a Black woman, shared her story of rejection by a Korean man whose mother wouldn’t let him continue dating her. it’s all about Black women’s “atmosphere”, aka their personalities, and their style. doesn’t personally see Black women as sexual objects, he did admit that Korean men see “Westerners” as a whole as “easy” and more sexually “open”.

This definitely struck a chord with me and I anticipated gathering more opinions on the matter during my trip to South Korea! An example he gave was seeing Western women kissing in the club, or sleeping with Korean men on the first night.

Not saying that I personally believe intelligence is measured by educational standing, but just explaining that it isn’t far from the standards we set in the West.The Baby Kids I’ve heard horror stories of mixed race Koreans being treated as less than and othered to the point where they don’t know where they belong in society. did agree that they have it rough, explaining that they are often referred to as “waygookin” which means foreigner, although they are usually born and raised in Korea.He says they’re not accepted as Korean, and people are surprised to hear them speak the language so fluently…though it’s their native tongue. is excited about the prospect of having mix-raced children.[Related: 4 Black K-Pop Artists You Should Know] The Grass is Greener?When it comes to why they enjoy dating outside of their race, each person gave a pretty unique answer.

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To M., who has never been with a Black man, she says it’s about the mental connection, and that it’s more about the “foreign” aspect than race. According to M., American men play too many games, while foreign men are more straight forward.

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