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Bim Adewunmi, formerly of this parish, turns up in another. SH A new entrant in the overstuffed “two blokes ramble on about whatever” genre.It has an unfair advantage: one of the blokes is Bob Mortimer, of Vic and Bob fame.He talks with humorist Andy “Get in the Sea” Dawson in a show where the promise of “at least 8% football content” is more likely to refer to Raheem Sterling’s home cinema or Leighton Baines’s tiny shorts than the merits of a double-pivot midfield. JS The vitally verbose pod for those in love with words If you’re bored of language, you’re bored of life.At least that’s how it feels listening to comedian and etymology enthusiast Helen Zaltzman, who you might know from her other podcast Answer Me This.This fortnightly series is all about words, from the 5,000-year history of the emoji to the smallest language in the world.She chats with experts from crime reporters and CBT therapists to her brother, standup Andy Zaltzman.The Detonating The C-Bomb episode has proved predictably popular, while one titled Post-Love finds listeners sharing their worst breakup lines.

Alice Isn’t Dead tells the story of a truck driver searching for her presumed-dead wife, and experiencing much enigmatic spookiness along the way.The bad news is that you can’t just jump in; you have to go back and listen from the beginning.The good news is that the episodes are only 20 minutes long, so you’ll catch up in no time. SH The podcast that dishes the dirt on old-world Hollywood This secret history of Hollywood podcast doubled its listenership with a special on the Charles Manson murders.But narrator Karina Longworth, a former film critic with an appetite for meticulous research and an LA purr, is just as compelling on Frank Sinatra’s weird space foray or the troubled life of 30s bombshell Frances Farmer. or 10 Even though the worst thing in the universe is to be sober around drunk people, Buzzfeed’s Another Round podcast somehow manages to feel inclusive.It’s a film podcast that actually feels cinematic, with crackly clips and incidental music. Its gimmick is extraordinarily flimsy – Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu (pictured, left)talk to each other and drink – and yet their conversations, on everything from racial politics to how to pronounce posh British actors’ names, manage to be both earnest and wide-ranging.

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Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda pops up for one brilliantly freewheeling episode.

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