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Her neck is stiff, her elbows bent like a porcelain doll. I look like the perfect housewife,'' Sariñana, 23, says.

``I have perfect hair and perfect posture, perfect body.

Sariñana soaring vocals crash against fuzzy rock guitars, flitter through waltz-like numbers and are processed through electronics The disc's cover, she says, is a reflection of the unrealistic female ideals of the 1940s and '50s.

``I'm just completely not like that.'' The title -- , the same in English and in Spanish -- is also a satirical play on the disc's themes.

``And I thought myself so special,'' she sings in the title track.

13) Latin Grammys, including best new artist, producer of the year and best alternative song. She also appeared in a string of telenovelas, including popular kiddie favorite Luz Clarita more than a decade ago.

(Sariñana is also currently dating Omar Rodríguez-López of the art rock band the Mars Volta.) The seeds of what would eventually become were planted during her musical training, which included a five-week program at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

``I always was really conscious of the fact that what I listened to and what I studied was going to influence my music,'' she says.

``What was really clear was the road that I wanted to go through.

I really wanted it to be as honest as it could be, and I wanted to be involved in all the process.'' Mediocre wriggles through a pop framework laced with jazz and electronica -- a blend Sariñana says was influenced by Bjork, Fiona Apple and Ella Fitzgerald.

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