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Since the dawn of the online era, we have found ways to socialize in virtual space. Social discovery sites are designed to help you find and meet Badoo is perhaps the most successful social discovery site on earth. The latest buzz phrase in the world of online kibbitzing is "social discovery." A classic social networking site like Facebook, the argument goes, is best suited for interacting with folks you've already met in real life. Message boards devoted to chatter about Boston sports franchises and/or the music of Stephen Malkmus (I’m just generalizing here).

She likens it to being at a bar in a South American city, where people are apt to casually approach one another other and say hi with no immediate ulterior motive.(When I was at Burning Man last year, a Brazilian fellow told me he loves the festival because he gets to see “Americans acting like Brazilians—anyone can just walk up and say hello to anyone else.”) Powell theorizes that this culturally specific preference for no-pressure chatting is why Badoo has spread quickly in South America and Spain and has made some of its strongest strides in the United States with our Spanish-speaking population.But will this free-for-all format catch on with a broader American audience?Logging on to Badoo left me puzzled—I wasn’t sure where to begin.This isn’t a themed message board site where people with niche interests can gather to chat about crossword construction, say, or how to achieve perfect forearm pronation when swinging a squash racket (again, just generalizing).

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There’s no particular reason or basis for most interactions, beyond an intriguing thumbnail shot. No computer program whirs on your behalf, in search of your ideal match.

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