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First came the gnashing of teeth over Hillary Clinton's private email account, and her soon-to-be announced presidential campaign.

Then, with a TED talk, Monica Lewinsky signaled her return to the spotlight.

Now a show called "Clinton the Musical" has opened Off Broadway.

A person could be forgiven for wanting to hide under the bed until the 1990s stopped making a comeback. Far better to crawl out from behind that dust ruffle, head over to New World Stages and let "Clinton the Musical" quell your fears.

Smartly silly, hilariously impudent and sneakily compassionate, it is nearly guaranteed to leave you humming a bouncy, exuberant tune called "Monica's Song"—the lyrics are unprintable—and thinking far more fondly of the eight scandal-plagued years this country spent with a president from a place called Hope.

In this frothily satirical political history—which has a book by the Australian brothers Paul and Michael Hodge, and music and lyrics by Paul Hodge—No.

Newt Gingrich (John Treacy Egan) is more of a buffoon.Reworked and largely recast since its run last July at the New York Musical Theater Festival, "Clinton" is now directed and choreographed by Dan Knechtges, and its tone is affectionately lampooning.Chelsea Clinton is mentioned by name only once, not cruelly.An occasional appearance by Socks the cat is enough to remind us that a family, not just a presidency, was at stake amid the Lewinsky scandal. She tells us at the start that this is the story of her first presidency, and she comes off awfully well. Woolard, with hair designed by Tom Watson that looks consistently great, Ms.Butler makes a peppy, very funny Hillary whose ambitions are huge but whose capability is never in question.

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The show's poster art notwithstanding, "Clinton" doesn't pit Hillary and Monica against each other.

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