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, an addictive podcast where they dissect their love of Washington and his films.But like most accomplished actors, not everything Denzel's done has been legendary.Even a brilliant, beloved thespian who earned the Cecil B.De Mille Award -- not to mention all the other acting trophies he's racked up over the years -- has just as many misses in his filmography as he does hits.

After seeing Washington slur his way through a bad accent, you'll understand why this film has stayed buried.

because he thought the script was "too evil." Yet he had no qualms starring in this supernatural thriller/police-procedural mash-up, as a cop (again!

) who’s hunting after a serial-killing apparition who likes to sing "Time Is on My Side." Just like In a rare case of Washington taking on a "magical negro" role, he stars as the ghost of a slick-ass lawyer who haunts his archnemesis, a racist cop (Bob Hoskins) who receives his heart during a transplant.

Although Washington exhibits a sly playfulness, this movie is downright wretched.

Washington eventually fired the agent who talked him into doing this.

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  2. director Spike Jonze actually has a cameo in Martin Scorsese's tale of amoral Wall Street greed, popping up in the first act as a small-time broker who teaches Leonardo Di Caprio the ins and outs of penny stocks.