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While it seems that I am always looking for the "next best thing" in regards to Catholic Bibles, there is one thing that has remained constant over the past few years: My favorite Bible edition is still the Cambridge leather, but the plentiful cross-references, thick paper, 18 maps, and truly helpful glossary, make this edition a true gem for Catholic Bible readers.There is no other Bible that meets my needs like this edition of the . What Bible edition do just absolutely love and use?This question has less to do with a particular Bible's translation, but rather the whole package.Feel free to give a glowing report of your favorite Bible, including any links to websites that provide further details about it.Neil Young is clearly no fan of the Harper government in Canada when it comes to the Alberta oilsands development, near Fort Mc Murray. Three members of the government were invited to join Sunday afternoon’s press conference but they “respectfully declined,” said Young. Adam described the development as “a runaway train without a conductor” that affects their food supply, water quality and causes increased cancer rates.

“People don’t realize what (the oilsands) look like, that’s why I’m here,” said Young, who previously described Fort Mc Murray as Hiroshima. If the tar sands plan goes through until the end, the industrial area will be the size of England.” Young is showing a 12-minute short film in the intermission between his and Krall’s sets which provides views of the oilsands that he shot during an electric car road trip between San Francisco and Fort Mc Murray. Young, a long-time activist who has staged such benefits as Farm Aid in the past, said he thinks he’ll write new music about his latest cause but added: “I don’t know. The problem is the reclamation part (of the oilsands) there is no reclamation. It’s not going to work.” Neil Young is clearly no fan of the Harper government in Canada when it comes to the Alberta oilsands development, near Fort Mc Murray.

I wrote a whole album about fossil fuel called Fork in the Road (in 2009) but this is kind of a different thing. The 68-year-old Toronto-born, Winnipeg-raised rocker called Stephen Harper’s Conservatives “a very poor imitation of the George Bush administration in the United States,” at a Massey Hall press conference before his so-called Honor The Treaties show at the same venue Sunday night.

“Canada is trading integrity for money,” insisted Young, seated beside Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Chief Allan Adam.

there has been an increasing tendency in evangelicalism to think of the Holy Spirit akin to “the Force.” In the culture at large, it is even worse.

According to recent Pew Forum statistics 25% of Americans who believe in God, think of God as an impersonal force.[1] Amongst Christians, doctrine of the trinity leads to similar confusion.

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