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I have been making these for yrs now and my 4 son's go crazy for them as well as everyone else! I usually have to male them for parties and holiday's as well! Lil tip, if you cut the cooking time by 10 minutes they will be like a lava cake inside and completely gooey, moist and delicious!!!Rookie is an online magazine and book series for teenagers.Each month, a different editorial theme drives the writing, photography, and artwork that we publish.

(No homo.) So whatever these hormones are, they are bouncing off the walls of some tiny-ass middle school, like why are all these horny lil kids cooped up together in one building, I have no clue.Some boys are what my mom calls “late bloomers” and are still reading their s stolen from our big sisters’ rooms.I’ve noticed that they have all these tips on what guys think in there.Since I am a real guy, I thought I would offer my tips here at Rookie, cuz I think the female race could benefit from knowing all this shiz, and I think the male race would benefit from the female race knowing it cuz then we can achieve maximum X-treme potential closed-mouth kissing plej (short for pleasure, look it up).First of all, if you decide to ask out a guy, MAKE SURE it’s on Facebook chat.

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Nothing is more awkward than having to talk to a girl in real life.

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