The best sex chat apps

Depending on your connection and location, and the same of those you're chatting with, certain apps may work better than others.

Google Voice and Video—accessible from Gmail—is another great option.The quality is great with the enhanced video chat plugin, and it's built right into Gmail. If you haven't used it, I highly suggest you try it.The quality is pretty fantastic, and practically everyone you know probably uses Facebook, so it's easy to get them to use that instead of something like Skype.(Note that Facebook's video calling is powered by Skype, but doesn't require its installation—all it requires is a plugin).You initiate a call from Facebook, but it opens up in its own little borderless window completely separate from your browser—in fact, you can even quit your browser and it'll keep running.

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It's dead simple to use, too, and has no clutter whatsoever—in the program's window or in your Start menu.

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