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Eight years ago, video producer Kate Milliken was 35, single, and living in Manhattan—“a deadly combination,” she jokes.On the day she was anticipating a third date with a guy she was really beginning to like, she noticed that the fatigue and tingling in her hands that had been nagging her for a week had spiraled into something much worse.“There was a whole delay on my left side,” she recalls.“As my brain was telling my feet to walk left, right, left, right, the left side was behind.By the time I got to the doctor, I couldn't keep my balance.” A neurologist immediately ordered a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, which revealed a spinal cord lesion in her neck.

How do you handle rejection if it's based on your condition, and even if it's not?How do you handle the simple logistics of a date if you aren't able to drive or even take public transportation?We talked to people who've been there and other experts to find some answers.We can't guarantee that you'll meet your soul mate, but we think these tips will make your dating life easier and more fun.Lexi Franklin had been with her boyfriend for about two years when she was diagnosed with MS, right around her 21st birthday. He was like, ‘I love you, but I don't love your MS, and I can't be around it.’” After they broke up, Franklin didn't date for the next three years. It was partly because of what happened with him, and also I was trying to figure out, if I do meet somebody, how am I going to tell him I have MS, especially when I don't really know what is to come?

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” Franklin's situation is not atypical, says Rosalind Kalb, vice president of the professional resource center at the National MS Society.

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