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My wife and I have different ideas about organization.

She makes random, teetering piles, while I store papers by category and year in three-ring binders on long shelves.

By her way of thinking, it makes sense to keep hats and aspirin in the same place because they're both for the head; in my view, possessions should be organized strictly taxonomically and stored near the place where their use either begins or ends.

Thus, plates and glasses should go within reach of either the dining table or the dishwasher, not both (or neither), and you wouldn't waste scarce shelf space on items used only in other rooms.

Recently my focus has been on our kitchen, a room in which I have no executive responsibilities.

My wife is a terrific cook—she has written four cookbooks and is at work on a fifth—but she stores ingredients, implements, and appliances so idiosyncratically that even she loses track of what she has.

Because my constantly making comments like "You know, we already had two unopened jars of tamarind paste" is not considered sexy, I've tried to make the storage of everyday items more intuitive.

Luckily, by the time we had finished the house we were too broke to do anything drastic, and in a couple of months we'd both calmed down.Now another 15 years have passed and we're still here.Finishing all the big projects hasn't meant giving up on home improvement, however.I haven't touched my reciprocating saw since the turn of the millennium, but in recent years I've become a practitioner of what I now think of as microrenovation: Approaching "finished" rooms with dispassionate objectivity and finding small ways to make them better.Humans have an extraordinary ability to become inured to minor annoyances, especially if the annoyances accumulate gradually.

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That's not necessarily a bad thing—it's the basis of successful marriages—but it can cause people to ignore inconveniences they could easily correct.

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