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The firewall component also doesn't attempt to block attacks that exploit system vulnerabilities.One thing you don't have to worry about is a malicious coder shutting down Webroot's protection.Any attempt to terminate its single main process is greeted with a CAPTCHA screen, and it doesn't expose Registry settings that might be tweaked to turn off protection. I emphasize Webroot's single process and service because it's unusual.

The test system's ports were all stealthed and it resisted all the port scans and Web-based attacks I threw at it.

That's not surprising, since Windows Firewall was doing the work.

Many firewalls and firewall components automatically configure Internet permissions for known good programs, eliminate known bad programs completely, and ask the user what to do when they encounter unknowns. By default, it will only ask you what to do about unknown programs if the system is infected and hasn't yet been fully cleaned.

If you see a firewall popup from Webroot, blocking access is almost invariably correct.

Leak test programs try to circumvent program control in the same way some malicious programs do.

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