Validating a form in javascript

This library features number, money, and currency formatting.You also have the option of aligning symbols and decimals with excel-style column rendering.If you want very minimal form validating, then this library is for you. jquery.payment We’ve already linked to this library as the inspiration for the library, but wanted to officially include it in the appropriate category.If you’re building credit card forms, this is the library for you.The beauty of Angular JS is that it has form validation built right in, with lots of options for custom validations. The Angular JS community newsletter is a great resource if you want to learn more about this framework. This list offers several clean options for Java Script forms and validation. // Below Function Executes On Form Submit function Validation Event() { // Storing Field Values In Variables var name = Element By Id("name").value; var email = Element By Id("email").value; var contact = Element By Id("contact").value; // Regular Expression For Email var email Reg = /^([\w-\.][email protected]([\w-]+\.)+[\w-]{2,4})? "); return false; } } else { alert("All fields are required.....!

Making it less likely that they will have to reload the form and submit it again.Read through the list to find new resources, and let us know of any we missed that should be included.We’ll add to the list as we learn of new libraries, so check back for updates.We like the ease of use of the below general validation libraries.They’re straightforward and provide what you need, with great examples of the final product.

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