Wife dating during divorce

I was attacked by my family last night when I voiced my concern for my sister, who is going through separation and divorce proceedings, and has already begun a new relationship. Although I support her decision to divorce, I am struggling with her decision to engage in a new relationship before the divorce is finalized.

One way this could occur is that your sister’s soon to be ex-partner could become less willing to be cooperative with her.

To the extent that a new relationship increases conflict with the former partner, conversations about how to divide assets, or what the custody and visitation arrangements will be could become more uncomfortable or adversarial than they already are.

A second aspect is that, in some states, the court could consider the new partner’s financial position or assets as decisions are made about how the marriage assets are divided.

The legal aspects are certainly not within my area of knowledge; if your sister is concerned, she could consult with an attorney about how this relationship might affect things legally or practically, if at all.

You mentioned concern for how this could affect the children.

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There are so many variables to be considered that it is hard to weigh them all.

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