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One whisper I’ve heard is that Woo Me attracts new users easily, but has had trouble user retention, despite some high-profile media appearances, including the BBC and Fox’s Morning Show.An ongoing “bridge round” that saw its initial funding extended to .5 million from .9 million may have indicated the site had trouble convincing investors it’s really rocket-fueled (bridge rounds are sometimes made on less favorable terms, though we don’t know the details here). With the significant valuation of this round, it appears that any worries have probably been set aside, for now.

Woo Me says its post-valuation is significantly higher, at million, and that there’s no deal at all with MTV.By all appearances, Woo Me has been growing rapidly.Three months after the site launched, co-founder Stephen Stokols told me that the site was running about 1,000 video sessions between users (read our past coverage for more on how Woo Me works).Today, the company is claiming 15,000 sessions each day, with 350,000 registered users.It also says the average amount of time active users spend on the site is doubling each month.

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One does get the impression, though, that Woo Me hasn’t grown quite as quickly as its founders hoped.

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